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“I came to Erwan & Alicia Davon in 2011, and I am now happily married with my life partner!

I’d never thought I would write that sentence, honestly. I had serious issues with commitment, but deep down I had a desire for it, even though I wouldn’t let anyone know it: I wanted to end up with the love of my life. I wanted the over-the-top wedding, and to share a last name with a powerful, sexy, strong man. Not only that, I wanted a SUPER HOT sex life to go with that! Well people, it’s no joke. I got all of that, and I’m getting MORE of that. I needed the real deal, and this couple knows what’s up.

I don’t go out of my way to write reviews on Facebook, so eat this up! This place is for real. Get coaching from these people, take the Pleasure Course, treat yo’ self!”


“My wife and I have been taking these programs for our entire relationship, and it has been SO worth it.

The biggest win is that we each take full responsibility for the baggage that we bring to the relationship. Rather than get in a huge fight that hurts the relationship, if one of us does something that bothers the other person, we say “Wow, I am really triggered right now.” Then we talk about it from an undefended place and explore the underlying issue. If we’re too triggered to see clearly, we bring it to Erwan and Alicia and they sort us out. Then we’re more deeply connected and in love than before. I feel like we’re really on the same team, and that she’s the perfect partner for me.

The other huge win is that our chemistry and sex is off the charts, even after being together seven years. I used to be afraid of committing to one person because it meant I couldn’t “play the field”, but these days I am 100% satisfied, and so is my wife. I actually found some of my purpose in the world, which is to give her everything she wants. The more I do it, the better my life gets! “