This past weekend marked our 11th wedding anniversary! Both in celebration of our extraordinary partnership✨ and in service of the critical transformation we are going through around social and racial justice as a global community✊, I am bringing attention to a powerful part of our wedding ceremony that applies to all of us today.

Our wedding ceremony was led by our dear friend,

Joan Bordow

One thing I love about her is that she is a realist (while at the same time having a completely expansive view of what is possible for people in their lives). She made a set of nuclear statements during our ceremony to the order of:

“Today is an amazing day. The scenery is exquisite, everyone looks gorgeous, and it would be easy on a day like today for Alicia & Erwan to make all kinds of grand promises about how they will interact with each other and how good they are going to be to each other in the years to come. One thing I know about them is they don’t want these promises to simply be ‘hot air’, sounding good and feeling good in the moment. They also want these promises to have staying power on days not as beautiful as today”.

Joan went on to say that this is why we hand picked the community of friends/family to attend our ceremony and witness our vows, to hold us to these vows, simply by having watched us declare them and by their continued presence in our lives in the days, months, years following these declarations.

For all of us, in order to make our vows/visions real, whether it is for the world we live in, for our relationships or for ourselves, certain elements need to be in place. One of these key elements is the community of people we have around us that support us in sustaining and LIVING the promises, declarations, insights, visions we have. This is the kind of powerful role we can play in the lives of people we love. We can listen to their dreams, goals, declarations of how they want to live, and hold them to that simply by our presence.

This is a time when we are ALL taking a look at ourselves🔍, how we live our lives and how we treat other people. It is important that the promises we make to ourselves and others are grounded in reality, in the listening of others, and in our daily actions. As Erwan & I inquire into HOW we can do more and be more in the name of respect and equality of all people🌎, it is clear to us that the key to the changes we make is that they have staying power, so it’s not just a reaction to the current uprising but a long lasting response to the obvious issues of inequality in our world.

In our work supporting singles and couples to create high vibe, deeply intimate and sexy relationships, we see our main job as holding your hand 🤝from the time the declaration of the goals and desires happen all the way to their manifestation (and beyond!). It feels SO good to tap into our desires in romantic relationship. We see a vision for our relationship and that is beautiful, and also just the first step. Support and Community are needed for the challenges, the “days not so beautiful”. This includes training in daily practices of meditation, of deep inquiry, body practice and sensual touch. This includes designing a lifestyle that actually allows the time and space for these dreams to flourish. This includes a thriving community of amazing people on the same path. It gives us great pleasure to provide this and guess what? YOU are a huge part of what gives OUR vows staying power. We love all of you dearly.

Here’s to our growing awareness and consciousness in the areas that matter most🥂. We are here for you and with you as we go through this much needed transformation as a global community.

By the way, here are our vows💐
a. Erwan: Alicia, you are the light of my life, the source of endless love and pleasure. You have brought love beyond my wildest expectations. I promise to love you in good fortune and adversity, in sickness and in health, to cherish and protect you, and to create a life for us of Truth and Enjoyment.
b. Alicia: Erwan, you see into me more deeply than anyone, you make me feel like the most beautiful and powerful woman. You draw out my deepest desires and then you make them happen. You make our life an adventure-the most fun I have ever had. I promise to love you in good fortune and adversity, in sickness and in health, to cherish you, to create a life for us of Truth and Enjoyment, and to light up your life forever.

PS: Happy Anniversary babe 💋. There is NO ONE else I would rather ride this wild ride of life with.