You don’t want to only survive this pandemic and shelter in place; you want to thrive in it! Couples don’t need to go stir crazy and become completely overwhelmed by the new logistics and the pressure cooker that shelter in place can be. Where is the release valve❓

Well, sex is a great release valve… but that’s very challenging for many couples… so I will get there by the end of this post. It starts with a daily time to connect. I recently watched a video on YouTube and found out Jeff Bezos, the richest man in the world, starts his workday at 10 AM! He puts first things first, like his kids! You might want to put some time to connect with your partner first. If you can’t do it at the beginning of the day, put it in the afternoon or the end of the day. Yes, there may be children and lots of things to handle but realistically you have 15 minutes or 30 minutes for something as important as your relationship! If you don’t have that, you don’t have a life, and you need to rearrange your life.📅

Deep touch is a practice where one person sits up and puts their hands on the heart and abdomen of another person for 5 or 10 or 15 minutes ⏱, with some New Age music 🎶on and some incense (it’s amazing what a little attention on the senses does). And “deep touch” can flow into “deeper touch” where the person laying down is sharing their experience of their body and emotions and spirit… like an inquiry or a monologue of sorts and the person sitting up as just receiving and hearing them. Both partners can take turns laying down or on different days you can swap. Alicia and I do this every day and we’re connected every day. It’s priceless!

And on the days that you want to, it can transition into sensual and sexual contact. And boy, does this provide a release valve for the pressure cooker that shelter in place can be.💦 It does take some practice, and even before that, it takes getting committed to it. But it makes a world of difference and it can turn this crisis into an opportunity.

Alicia and I just taught The Pleasure Course… online! And it was the most powerful course ever🤩. It’s because we are adapting to the situation and we invite you to adapt to the situation and use this as an opportunity to take your relationship and your sex life to the next level. We even taught people Extended Orgasm in the Online Pleasure Course!

You don’t have to be resigned. People are sold a fantasy that romantic relationship is just supposed to turn out with no effort on their part, no training, and no practice. You don’t have to buy into that. You wouldn’t expect to win Wimbledon without studying tennis🎾, would you? You can have the relationship that you want. It’s not going to happen overnight but it can start today! What an adventure… the learning and the journey itself is priceless.

We’re all in a place of adjusting and adapting to the shock and grief of this new situation. We don’t know how long it will go on. But you can turn it into an opportunity. How do you do that in a relationship? Well, you don’t give up on what’s important to you and start a daily practice of connecting!

You don’t have to wait until this is all over and fully resolved to enjoy life. If you do wait, then there will be something else later to resolve and another thing and another thing. Life is now! We’ve noticed that a lot of people are thriving in this circumstance and a lot of people are not. You can thrive and it’s our privilege to support you. It is a new world… and it can be a great one for you!

Contact Alicia for a Love-Life Insight Session, where she will go over the touching practices with you AND the 3 other practices that we recommend couples do daily. Text 415-308-9580 or reply to this email and we will set that up.