In Person & Online Public Events


Embarking on the path of building and sustaining profound, passionate, and healthy relationships initiates with the key elements of exploration, learning, and sharing. Relationship Coaches Erwan and Alicia Davon, seasoned in their field, prioritize the creation of a secure and respectful space for individuals at various stages of their romantic journey. To make their transformative approach more accessible, they extend an open invitation to engage in regular public events, serving as an introduction to their offerings and fostering an inclusive environment for exploration, learning, and sharing.

In-Person and Online Experiences

1. In-Person Experiences in San Francisco: Seeking a tangible and immersive experience? Erwan and Alicia host in-person events in the vibrant city of San Francisco, covering a spectrum of topics, including Tantra classes, singles events, and couples workshops. The city’s diverse and open-minded community provides an ideal backdrop for individuals and couples to explore and deepen their connections.

2. Online Classes for Worldwide Participation: Embracing the digital era, Erwan and Alicia extend their reach to a global audience through online classes. Regardless of your location, these virtual sessions enable you to partake in the transformative journey from the comfort of your home, ensuring that individuals worldwide can access the guidance and support offered by the Davon Method.

Exploring Diverse Events: Tantra Classes, Singles Events, and Couples Workshops

1. Tantra Classes: Tantra, a practice integrating sensuality and spirituality, stands as a cornerstone of Erwan and Alicia’s offerings. Tantra classes provide a unique opportunity for individuals and couples to explore the depths of connection, intimacy, and pleasure, whether attending as a couple seeking a distinctive date night or as a single individual eager to meet like-minded souls.

2. Singles Events in San Francisco: The lively city of San Francisco sets the stage for singles events that transcend conventional dating scenes. Erwan and Alicia curate experiences allowing singles to connect meaningfully, providing a platform for like-minded individuals to come together and foster connections beyond superficial interactions.

3. Couples Workshops: Committed couples find a dedicated space in couples workshops, guided by Erwan and Alicia to delve into essential aspects of relationships, offering practical tools and insights to transform their partnership into an “eternal date” and keep the flame of passion burning bright.

Embracing Inclusivity: Singles Events Near Me and Worldwide Access to Online Classes

1. Singles Events Near Me: Recognizing the significance of local connections, Erwan and Alicia Davon host singles events in San Francisco, fostering an environment where individuals can explore potential connections in their immediate community beyond traditional dating settings.

2. Singles Events in San Francisco: The city’s diverse and vibrant population becomes a playground for singles events curated by Erwan and Alicia, offering an alternative to mainstream dating scenes. Whether a newcomer or a longtime resident, singles events in San Francisco provide a refreshing avenue to forge meaningful connections.

3. Worldwide Access to Online Classes: Acknowledging the global reach of individuals seeking transformative experiences, Erwan and Alicia extend their offerings to online classes, enabling anyone with an internet connection to participate in these virtual sessions. This inclusive approach ensures individuals worldwide have access to the wisdom and guidance imparted by the Davon Method.

The Anticipation of Meeting You: A Warm Welcome Awaits

Erwan and Alicia Davon eagerly await the opportunity to meet you at these regular public events, whether in person in San Francisco or joining an online class from the comfort of your home. The environment provided is one of safety, respect, and exploration, serving as gateways into the transformative world of the Davon Method. Here, relationships are nurtured, connections are deepened, and individuals are empowered to navigate the intricate tapestry of love and intimacy within a safe and respectful space. Erwan and Alicia Davon’s commitment to creating accessible and inclusive experiences is evident in their offering of regular public events, whether in person in San Francisco or online for a global audience, providing a taste of the transformative programs available. Embracing inclusivity, these events cater to both local communities and individuals worldwide, fostering an environment of exploration, learning, and sharing. As you embark on your journey with Erwan and Alicia Davon, a warm welcome awaits you, promising a safe and respectful space to explore the depths of connection and love.