Creating an extraordinary, healthy relationship requires a clear vision, commitment and ongoing support. Setting your intention for romance and self-development is a vital part of the process. Allow yourself to dedicate time to your journey.


Individual Counseling with Erwan or Alicia Davon is designed for people who prefer individual support, or live out of town. The goal is to develop and expand your romantic and sex life in person or from the comfort of your own home, anywhere in the world.

Individual Counseling focuses on relationships, but all areas of life are included. Ask about romantic roadblocks, or seek out advice on career decisions or personal growth; Erwan or Alicia Couples Therapist In San Francisco, CA will offer their advice, rooted in psychology, spirituality, and their combined 40 years of counseling and research on romantic relationships.

Whether you are on the first date, in a new relationship, or married, whether you are succeeding fantastically at romance or facing relationship problems, we invite you to register for this extraordinary program designed to support you. Learn about yourself, life, and love anytime, anywhere, and unlock a more fulfilling life.