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Weekly Sessions With Erwan, Alicia & a Fun, Supportive Community

Building and maintaining a soul-stirring, passionate, and healthy relationship is a desire shared by many individuals. Whether you are on a journey of personal growth or just stepping into the realm of enhancing your romantic life, the need for ongoing guidance and support is universal. Erwan and Alicia Davon, seasoned Relationship Coaches, recognize this need and offer the Mastery of Relationship, a transformative weekly group program available both online and in a hybrid format for those local to the San Francisco Bay Area.
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The Mastery of Relationship program stands out as the flagship initiative of the Davon Method school and community. It is meticulously crafted to empower participants with essential skills to not only make their love life flourish but also to foster deep connections within the community. Regardless of your relationship status—whether you are single or a couple—engaging with this program provides a platform for growth and fulfillment. The journey through Mastery of Relationship opens doors to social events, parties, and opportunities for deeper work through Individual Coaching and The Sensuality Expansion Program, facilitated by Erwan and Alicia.


For those who have explored avenues like Tantra classes, sought the guidance of a dating coach, or considered couples counseling and therapy, Mastery of Relationship presents a comprehensive solution. The program unfolds with each session commencing with a guided meditation, setting the tone for a holistic experience. Weekly themes cover diverse topics such as Essential Tantra Practices, effective communication strategies, and understanding the dynamics of relationships from both Masculine and Feminine perspectives. The curriculum is designed to offer personalized insights through breakout room exercises, allowing participants to interact and apply the teachings directly to their unique situations.

Erwan and Alicia prioritize tracking the progress of each group member, providing individual attention during sessions to those who seek it. Mastery of Relationship is a golden opportunity for committed couples to transform their connection into an “eternal date.” Simultaneously, it serves as a valuable resource for single individuals looking to acquire dating and flirting skills that transcend the first date, ensuring a progression to subsequent encounters.

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The Mastery of Relationship Experience

1. Holistic Approach through Guided Meditation:

Mastery of Relationship sessions kick off with guided meditation, creating a space for participants to center themselves and set a positive intention for the exploration ahead. This intentional start is crucial in fostering a holistic experience that goes beyond the surface level of relationship dynamics.

2. Weekly Themes for In-Depth Exploration:

Each session revolves around a specific theme, delving into crucial aspects of relationships. Topics range from Essential Tantra Practices to the intricacies of effective communication and understanding the nuances of turning a relationship on, viewed from both Masculine and Feminine perspectives. This structured approach ensures a comprehensive understanding of the diverse elements that contribute to a thriving relationship.

3. Interactive Breakout Room Exercises:

Mastery of Relationship stands out for its interactive nature. Breakout room exercises provide participants with the opportunity to engage directly with the material and each other. This hands-on approach transforms theoretical knowledge into practical skills, making the learning experience not only informative but also deeply personal.

4. Individual Attention and Progress Tracking:

Erwan and Alicia Davon recognize the importance of individual journeys within a group setting. They dedicate time to follow each group member’s progress, offering personalized attention during sessions. This commitment to tracking individual growth sets Mastery of Relationship apart, ensuring that participants feel seen and supported throughout their transformative journey.

5. A Gateway to Community and Deeper Work:

Beyond the weekly sessions, Mastery of Relationship serves as a gateway to a vibrant community. Social events and parties provide opportunities for participants to connect on a more casual level. Additionally, the program opens doors to deeper work with Erwan and Alicia through Individual Coaching and The Sensuality Expansion Program, allowing for a more personalized and intensive exploration of one’s romantic and sensual journey.

6. For Singles and Couples Alike:

Mastery of Relationship accommodates individuals at different stages of their romantic journey. For couples committed to deepening their connection, the program offers tools to turn their relationship into an ongoing, fulfilling “eternal date.” For singles, it provides the essential skills needed to navigate the dating world successfully, ensuring that first dates lead to meaningful connections.

7. Deepening Connection with Self:

Joining Mastery of Relationship is not just about improving external relationships. It is a journey of self-discovery and self-improvement. Participants find avenues to deepen their connection with themselves, enhancing their overall well-being and contributing to a more fulfilling love and sex life.

8. Fun and Enjoyable Learning Experience:

The program recognizes that personal growth and relationship enhancement can be enjoyable. Mastery of Relationship is structured to be a fun and engaging experience, ensuring that participants not only gain valuable insights but also relish the journey of self-discovery and connection.

Mastery of Relationship by Erwan and Alicia Davon transcends the traditional boundaries of relationship coaching. It is a holistic, interactive, and personalized program that caters to the diverse needs of individuals and couples alike. By offering a blend of guided meditation, weekly themes, interactive exercises, and individual attention, the program becomes a transformative journey that extends beyond the virtual or hybrid sessions. It opens doors to a supportive community and deeper work, making it a comprehensive resource for those seeking to build and maintain soul-stirring, passionate, and healthy relationships. Whether you are single or in a committed relationship, Mastery of Relationship beckons as a pathway to self-discovery, enriched connections, and a more fulfilling romantic life.

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