Mastery of Relationship



Most people don’t get the kind of support and knowledge required to build and maintain the kind of healthy relationships they dream of. And even those with a solid foundation – such as The Pleasure Course – benefit from ongoing guidance as they build a fulfilling, successful romantic life.

Erwan and Alicia Davon offer Mastery of Relationship, an group of couples therapy program. It’s designed to maintain and expand on what you learned in the Pleasure Course while developing deep friendships and connections with the Erwan Davon Teachings community.

Each session begins with guided meditation, then turns to a weekly theme. Topics cover spirituality, psychology, romance, sexuality, and more. Erwan and Alicia take time to follow each group member’s progress and offer individual attention.This is an opportunity for a committed couple to turn their romance into an “eternal date,” or for a single person to learn dating and flirting tips that will help turn that first date into a second and third.

Every session is built around discussion, a question-and-answer segment, individual attention on personal goals, yoga, meditation, and experiential exercises. It’s a way to truly join the Erwan Davon Teachings community and make close friends while becoming familiar with yourself and expanding your own love and sex life.

Jump in and experience personal growth and fun in a supportive environment that allows what you learned in The Pleasure Course to take root and grow.