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Paradise Vacation Course

Supercharge Your Love Life through Tantra for singles and couples


Join us at The Paradise Vacation Course; the ultimate vacation designed to be the best experience you’ve ever had in your life!

Located at the stunning El Oasis in Sayulita, Mexico, this year’s Paradise Vacation Course promises luxury and breathtaking views.

In the Paradise Vacation Course, you’ll spend the mornings doing Yoga, breath work and other Tantric practices.

Your afternoons are free to relax in the retreat environment of El Oasis with other course participants or explore the beach and town… Just a short 5-minute walk away lies the charming town of Sayulita, buzzing with cafes and restaurants by the beach. It’s the perfect blend of hip and laid-back and the beaches are gorgeous.

You’ll also witness 3 demonstrations of extended orgasm during the course and have plenty of time and opportunity to practice on your own or with your partner or with someone you meet there if you’d like to do that.

As a single, the Paradise Vacation Course is an opportunity to socialize with other great singles and couples while learning new skills to bring into your relationship life.

As a couple, the Paradise Vacation Course is an opportunity to connect deeply away from life’s demands and take your Spiritual and Sensual life to new heights.

The Paradise Vacation Course is designed to be the best of the best… the most open, amazing people, focused on life’s most interesting areas… in Paradise!

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Erwan Alicia Mastery short
Erwan Alicia Mastery short