Create An
Exceptional Sex Life
And Exhilarating Love LifE

Each of us has a personal relationship blueprint buried deep in our unconscious mind. Left undiscovered, this blueprint can steer the course of your love life without your knowledge, and you can end up lost and frustrated.

Understanding your relationship blueprint can help you see relationship problems coming, but only if you know how to distinguish your blueprint from reality, and what is possible outside of your blueprint. Otherwise, it will steer you into the same problems again and again.

The Pleasure Course is a three-day seminar that will help anyone – from singles to those in long-term relationships – discover that blueprint and learn to transcend it. You can then learn to create and sustain an “eternal date” with your partner – a romantic relationship  that reaches higher and higher peaks of intimacy, sexual attraction and spiritual union over time.

In the Pleasure Course, you’ll:

Uncover your personal relationship blueprint

Make deep contact with yourself and learn who you really are.

Gain the understanding and skills needed to succeed in all of the stages of a relationship, from the first date to long-term commitment

Unlock your potential for sexual pleasure and begin exploring Extended Orgasm, one of Erwan and Alicia’s specialties.

The Pleasure Course teaches the skills and knowledge that spark deeper romance and better communication. It is the first few steps on a journey of romantic, spiritual, and sensual growth and development, and offers the basic knowledge and skills you’ll need for Erwan and Alicia’s more advanced programs.

Join us on this extraordinary journey where you will reset your relationship blueprint, develop the skills necessary for each stage of romance, and create an exceptional sex life and exhilarating love life.


Mastery of Relationship



Most people don’t get the kind of support and knowledge required to build and maintain the kind of healthy relationships they dream of. And even those with a solid foundation – such as The Pleasure Course – benefit from ongoing guidance as they build a fulfilling, successful romantic life.

Erwan and Alicia Davon offer weekly group sessions held on-site in San Francisco. It’s designed to maintain and expand on what you learned in the Pleasure Course while developing deep friendships and connection with the Erwan Davon Teachings community..

Each session begins with guided meditation, then turns to a weekly theme. Topics cover spirituality, psychology, romance, sexuality, and more. Erwan and Alicia take time to follow each group member’s progress and offer individual attention.This is an opportunity for a committed couple to turn their romance into an “eternal date,” or for a single person to learn dating and flirting tips that will help turn that first date into a second and third.

Every session is built around discussion, a question-and-answer segment, individual attention on personal goals, yoga, meditation, and experiential exercises. It’s a way to truly join the Erwan Davon Teachings community and make close friends while becoming familiar with yourself and expanding your own love and sex life.

Jump in and experience personal growth and fun in a supportive environment that allows what you learned in The Pleasure Course to take root and grow.



Did you know that each of us has an infinite potential for pleasurable sensual sensation? You can learn to feel more sexual pleasure in your body than most people ever dream possible. You can also learn to create equal sensation in someone else’s body!

The Sensuality Expansion Program is the most advanced and intense program Erwan and Alicia Davon offer. In this private course, you will master having and bringing another person to unparalleled heights of sexual pleasure by studying the 15-minute orgasm.

This is the fulfillment of the relationship curriculum Erwan Davon has been teaching for almost 20 years. Erwan and Alicia teach singles with “sensuality research partners” and couples to give and receive sexual pleasure at an entirely new level – in learning to give and receive Extended Orgasm.

Each program  begins with the Resolution, a process in which participants realize their perfection – in other words, they learn to find peace with who they are, how life is, and how their life has gone. That creates a “clean slate” in one’s psyche so that participants can learn new skills for creating pleasure for their partners. With these skills, relationships can grow sensually over time instead of peaking early in the “honeymoon” period.

Participants will see demonstrations of Extended Orgasm by the teachers or trained students, and will practice on their own, receiving guidiance and coaching from the teachers.

Rarely is sensuality given this type of time and attention, and the results are truly mind-blowing.




Creating an extraordinary, healthy relationship requires a clear vision, commitment and ongoing support. Setting your intention for romance and self-development is a vital part of the process. Allow yourself to dedicate time to your journey.


Individual Coaching with Erwan or Alicia Davon is designed for people who prefer individual support, or live out of town. The goal is to develop and expand your romantic and sex life in person or from the comfort of your own home, anywhere in the world.

Individual Coaching focuses on relationships, but all areas of life are included. Ask about romantic roadblocks, or seek out advice on career decisions or personal growth; Erwan or Alicia will offer their advice, rooted in psychology, spirituality, and their combined 40 years of coaching and research on romantic relationships.

Whether you are on the first date, in a new relationship, or married, whether you are succeeding fantastically at romance or facing relationship problems, we invite you to register for this extraordinary program designed to support you. Learn about yourself, life, and love anytime, anywhere, and unlock a more fulfilling life.


pleasure in paradise
Our Yoga of Relationship course is the perfect place to improve your love life. This luxury retreat is specially designed to alleviate stress, promote mental and physical wellness, and to target the specific goals of our participants.

In lush Maui, Hawaii, or Tulum, Mexico, our week in tropical paradise will include yoga, breathwork, and meditation led by Erwan and Alicia.  Along with all the relaxation of a traditional vacation in the tropics, these spiritual activities and a variety of body-based processes and exercises will open the mind, liberate the heart, and sensitize the body. A bonus of the week long course is that participants may also engage in developing an Extended Orgasm practice, through witnessing demonstrations and practicing in the privacy of their own rooms. This portion of the course is optional.

There are no prerequisites  to register for The Yoga of Relationship. Included in the price of the retreat is free entry into The Pleasure Course if you have not yet taken it.

Why spend your vacation working on nothing but your tan? Instead, enjoy a relaxing, spiritual week in paradise alongside fellow learners and devoted teachers, gaining skills and experience that will help you be successful in life and love when you return home. Learn about yourself and learn valuable tools for a better, more fulfilling love life in one of the most beautiful places in the world.