The Secrets to Successful Online Dating Coaching for Singles – San Francisco CA

Dating Coaching In San Francisco
Frustrated with the online dating process?
Can’t seem to link up with the right person for you online?

The biggest myth about online dating is that it is fast and easy!

We work with hundreds of singles…
But you can succeed with it if you do it right!

1. Find the right app and it doesn’t have to be an app!

Meet Mindful (for those interested in consciousness)
Our Time (for older people)
Bumble (ladies’ choice)

Some of the big names from top 10 reviews:

    • Best for Planned
    • Most Thorough eharmony
    • Best for Millennials OKCupid
    • Best Budget Plenty of Fish
    • Best App Coffee Meets Bagel

There are too many to evaluate and they get better and worse so…
How to pick and online app: We recommend find 1-3 you like using, that has a specialty (which applies to you) and that you get results with.

2. Be realistic

Student quotes “I tend to date women my own age. Sometimes even 5 years older. Sometimes younger too – but not very often.”
“I will date someone who is a little overweight. Or are not the most (stereotypically) attractive. But they bring other things to the party – like their intellect….”

3. Use great pictures! … CRUCIAL

The kind of pictures to use !
colorful close up for main pic, smiling teeth showing, women look at camera.
And 1 full body shot, 1 of you doing an activity you love, and 1 more formal.

Dating Coach in San Francisco

4. Keep it short sweet and interesting

“I come across as an artsy nature loving guy who “wants to be with a woman who enjoys sharing her feelings, thoughts and emotions, and is interested in hearing about mine.”
“Interesting conversations with people I enjoy are opportunities for me to be present and in the moment. Meditation enables me to be present with what I’m feeling and sensing and helps me to let go of stress and be present with my experience.”
“I attend a weekly gathering during which we meditate, learn about mindful ways of living and being, psychology, and ways to have better relationships.”

5. Good thorough, thoughtful, (time consuming!) follow up…

We recommend a video call before meeting if you are concerned

“wanted to talk on the phone first….”

Good follow through is THE differentiator

6. Aim: Find out what segment of the opposite (or same) sex you are appealing to and adjust if necessary

7. Understand the odds

It’s a numbers game.

8. Try speed dating

You get a lot more info face to face. Present yourself well. Be the best dressed. Stand out.

Dating Coaching In San Francisco

9. Bonus! First date tips

a. Do something you are pretty sure they AND YOU will enjoy… that is somewhat physical
b. Balance talking and listening. Don’t interview them.
c. Force reactions to know where to go
d. Escalate smoothly, naturally and authentically
e. Be fun and have fun!
f. Dating is an art… you’ve got to stay in practice!

10. Meditate on what you want you want to attract!

a. It’s important to create the feeling of what it will be like to find the right person for you. Take some time every day to meditate, get out of your head and into the “feeling place” of gratitude and joy so you can become a “magnet” for what you want to create! Here is a video on some of the basic aspects of meditation:

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