Sensuality Expansion Program

Our Extended Orgasm Intensive

Did you know that each of us has an infinite potential for pleasurable sensual sensation? You can learn to feel more sexual pleasure in your body than most people ever dream possible. You can also learn to create equal sensation in someone else’s body!

The Sensuality Expansion Program is the most advanced and intense program Erwan and Alicia Davon offer. In this private course, you will master having and bringing another person to unparalleled heights of sexual pleasure by studying the 15-minute orgasm.

This is the fulfillment of the relationship curriculum Erwan Davon has been teaching for almost 20 years. Erwan and Alicia teach singles with “sensuality research partners” and couples to give and receive sexual pleasure at an entirely new level – in learning to give and receive Extended Orgasm.

Each program  begins with the Resolution, a process in which participants realize their perfection – in other words, they learn to find peace with who they are, how life is, and how their life has gone. That creates a “clean slate” in one’s psyche so that participants can learn new skills for creating pleasure for their partners. With these skills, relationships can grow sensually over time instead of peaking early in the “honeymoon” period.

Participants will see demonstrations of Extended Orgasm by the teachers or trained students, and will practice on their own, receiving guidiance and couples coaching from the teachers.

Rarely is sensuality given this type of time and attention, and the results are truly mind-blowing.


A question we get all the time is, “Did Erwan & Alicia invent the Extended Orgasm technique?” The short answer is yes, and here are the details.

The original concept of extending orgasm is a Taoist or Tantric concept that was taught in very general non-specific terms. That is where Erwan first came into contact with the idea, through Mantak Chia’s books. His next contact with the idea of extending orgasm came through More University, which they called Deliberate Orgasm ( and several smaller offshoots that were mimicking More University’s technique, also calling it Then Erwan changed and developed the technique in the early 2000s changing the hand position, deemphasizing the exclusive focus on the upper left-hand quadrant of the clitoris, and began emphasizing demonstrations of the clinical signs of orgasm as revealed by Masters & Johnson. He also added in a variety of other touching practices and positions to accomplish extending orgasm, including how to extend the practice to a variety of other sex acts. He began calling it simply Extended Orgasm, E.O. since it was a different practice. Erwan and Alicia have developed this practice for nearly 20 years.

A good description of their practice comes from their colleague, Steve Bodansky, a previous More University teacher.

“They have incorporated a spiritual aspect to the sensual information that allows the technical aspects to be more profound and digestible”

Hence, Erwan & Alicia are the inventors of the Extended Orgasm technique that they teach and demonstrate. One of the hallmarks of Erwan & Alicia’s teaching is that it is dynamic. As they develop personally and learn more and more about human relationships, the body, and how sexuality is evolving, the teaching develops right along with it. The Extended Orgasm practice is no exception.

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