Client Reviews

“I came to Erwan and Alicia Davon in 2011, and I am now happily married with my life partner!

I’d never thought I would write that sentence, honestly. I had serious issues with commitment, but deep down I had a desire for it, even though I wouldn’t let anyone know it: I wanted to end up with the love of my life. I wanted the over-the-top wedding, and to share a last name with a powerful, sexy, strong man. Not only that, I wanted a SUPER HOT sex life to go with that! Well people, it’s no joke. I got all of that, and I’m getting MORE of that. I needed the real deal, and this couple knows what’s up.

I don’t go out of my way to write reviews on Facebook, so eat this up! This place is for real. Get coaching from these people, take the Pleasure Course, treat yo’ self!”


“My wife and I have been taking these programs for our entire relationship, and it has been SO worth it.

The biggest win is that we each take full responsibility for the baggage that we bring to the relationship. Rather than get in a huge fight that hurts the relationship, if one of us does something that bothers the other person, we say “Wow, I am really triggered right now.” Then we talk about it from an undefended place and explore the underlying issue. If we’re too triggered to see clearly, we bring it to Erwan and Alicia and they sort us out. Then we’re more deeply connected and in love than before. I feel like we’re really on the same team, and that she’s the perfect partner for me.

The other huge win is that our chemistry and sex is off the charts, even after being together seven years. I used to be afraid of committing to one person because it meant I couldn’t “play the field”, but these days I am 100% satisfied, and so is my wife. I actually found some of my purpose in the world, which is to give her everything she wants. The more I do it, the better my life gets! “


Alicia and Erwan at The Davon Method have created a beautiful program called Mastery of Relationship that weaves psychology, intimacy, and foundational practices that allow for closer relating to oneself and others. This has improved my communication in interpersonal relationships and has been a great way to build community with the other students. In the past I have been involved with a handful of teachers in tantra, relationship work, and spirituality… and these two are by far my favorite in the way they hold space, use theory behind practice, and bring playfulness into their teachings.


My partner and I had the good fortune of taking the Mastery of Relationship class with Alicia and Erwan via zoom. Our brains, bodies and minds were stretched and fed in ways we never imagined. It has given us fuel and tools to carry us forward in creating the beautiful and fulfilling relationship we desire. Alicia and Erwan are masters at taking delicate content and infusing meaningful instruction via zoom in a way that is accessible to all.


I have been learning with Erwan and Alicia Davon for almost 2 years now. I did the Pleasure course with them and am currently in Mastery of Relationship and coaching with Erwan. Their advice is invaluable! They have helped me develop spiritually and emotionally. Ultimately they have helped me find the man of my dreams who I am currently in a relationship with. I hold them in high regards. Thanks for everything! I recommend their services to anyone dating or in a relationship! They will get you to where you want to be romantically!


Alicia and Erwan are great teachers and put on an awesome, educational workshop. The exercises built up in a purposeful way and challenging material comprehensible and relatable. You can tell how much they love teaching what they teach.


First and foremost, working with Erwan and Alicia is an absolute MUST if you have any interest in forming or maintaining a loving and healthy relationship, not only with a partner, but also with yourself. Alicia and Erwan really have a knack for helping you understand how your past self and experiences can influence your current relationship dynamics, and can help tease out what the best parts of yourself are, and how to employ those traits in a positive manner. Again, whether you are single, are in a new relationship, or have been with your partner for a long period of time, their course applies to all sorts of dynamics. Just after an Intro course, I feel more secure about who I am as a person, a partner, and as a lover. It was so fulfilling, that my partner and I signed up for their Mastery of Relationship course immediately! I cannot state how highly I recommend any of the Davon Method courses!


Alicia and Erwan are absolutely wonderful teachers and humans. Their experience, knowledge, community, professionalism and kindness are like nothing else I’ve come across and I’ve done a lot of work via courses, books, trainings, classes, seminars etc. Alicia and Erwan have helped my husband and I cultivate practices that have allowed us to access heights of pleasure we didn’t even know existed for people our age or who have been together as long as we have. Our bond is stronger than it’s ever been and we’ve been together a long time (18 years). I highly recommend taking one of their classes or even better joining their year long program, Mastery of Relationship. There’s nothing else like what they offer out there! We are so incredibly grateful for the important work Alicia and Erwan do.


I have been doing their classes, with some personal coaching for about 6 months now. Erwan and Alicia bring a wide range of competent insights and experience to nearly all facets of relatedness, including our relationship with ourselves. I particularly love their several presence practices, not the least of which is training about the “extended orgasm”. Really compassionate work, I am always challenged, and on my edge, and enjoying it all.


They offer a wonderful programs, are very professional and truly care and are here to help. I am glad I found them!


A powerful, professional duo who passionately educate and entertain as they help people develop personally and romantically.


Love Erwan & Alicia! They create such a safe place to develop deeply in a sensual, spiritual and intellectual environment that also is just kind, open and accepting of each other. The span of students is so diverse from age range to interests.. every part of the experience so far has been quite fun, uplifting and reassuring for my own personal goals and future. All are welcome 🙂


I have been working with Erwan & Alicia for over 4 years and I couldn’t imagine my life without their support! I am having so much fun dating and flirting with men!


Erwan & Alicia are terrific! They are smart, do tons of research on their marital and they deliver their programs with love and respect.


Erwan & Alicia have helped me expand my understanding of myself, my relationships and what makes my girlfriend tick!