Are you single and still looking for your soulmate? 

Are you in a relationship and wondering how to keep it exciting?

There are certain leverage points you can learn and then bring into your romantic life to have it go even better than it is now. Leverage points that can mean the difference between a successful and a failed first date, or a soulful, sexy long term relationship, and a “pretty good” or “problematic” one.

In the Pleasure Course, you’ll:

Uncover your personal relationship blueprint

Make deep contact with yourself and learn who you really are.

Gain the understanding and skills needed to succeed in all of the stages of a relationship, from the first date to long-term commitment

Unlock your potential for sexual pleasure and begin exploring Extended Orgasm, one of Erwan and Alicia’s specialties.

The Pleasure Course teaches the skills and knowledge that spark deeper romance and better communication. It is the first few steps on a journey of romantic, spiritual, and sensual growth and development, and offers the basic knowledge and skills you’ll need for Couples Therapist Erwan and Alicia’s more advanced programs.

Join us on this extraordinary journey where you will reset your relationship blueprint, develop the skills necessary for each stage of romance, and create an exceptional sex life and exhilarating love life.

Each of us has a personal relationship blueprint buried deep in our unconscious mind. Left undiscovered, this blueprint can steer the course of your love life without your knowledge, and you can end up lost and frustrated.

Understanding your relationship blueprint can help you see relationship problems coming, but only if you know how to distinguish your blueprint from reality, and what is possible outside of your blueprint. Otherwise, it will steer you into the same problems again and again.

The Pleasure Course online is a two-day online seminar that will help anyone – from singles to those in long-term relationships – discover that blueprint and learn to transcend it. You can then learn to create and sustain an “eternal date” with your partner – a romantic relationship that reaches higher and higher peaks of intimacy, sexual attraction and spiritual union over time.