keys to building lasting relationships

It’s a fault many of us have, even if we don’t recognize it. We fail to effectively communicate with the opposite sex because we don’t realize they have different intrinsic desires and values. If we can learn to identify the difference between the way men and women communicate, we can build a stronger foundation within our romantic relationships. 

It’s true that each sex has both masculine and feminine traits, but the fundamental disparities are numerous. Join relationship coaches Erwan and Alicia Davon as they break down the nuance in an effective communication process through couples coaching. They will help you understand what works and what doesn’t while boosting your communication and interaction with the opposite sex in a way that creates compelling dialogue. 

For instance, when talking to a woman, it’s best to affirm her attractiveness and acknowledge her fun energy, all while giving her what she wants. Communicate experientially by observing what she responds to and how. On the other hand, when speaking with a man, understand that he bases his self-worth on success. It’s best to speak your desires directly and simply and respond with approval and love when he moves in the direction of what you want. In other words, his communication is more abstract than experiential. 

If you try to communicate with a man as if he is a woman or vice versa, often the communication will not get through. When you interact with the other based on how you know they operate, you will succeed, and that’s what communication within a relationship is all about. 

Success communicating with the opposite sex starts works when you recognize that effective communication relies on understanding how each sex measures self-worth. Both men and women have fears they contend with daily, and understanding those are a crucial part of the communication process. Participating in relationship coaching in San Francisco can help you understand those fears. In general, women tend to fear being unattractive, while men fear failure. 

However, when we speak of men basing their value on failure versus success, this isn’t necessarily financial. It can also be sexual, spiritual, or any other type of success they find important. It forms a lens through which they view the world. Similarly, a woman’s sense of self-esteem is inextricably linked to her perceived attractiveness. Women rely on their ability to build the relationships they want, both romantically and otherwise, and relate it to their self-worth. 

While the distinction is there, this doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s exclusive. Both men and women encompass these values, simply to different degrees. That’s why couples coaching in San Francisco can be so helpful. Erwan and Alicia Davon will help you and your partner decipher which communication styles are best for both of you. By exploring your own sense of self and learning to speak with your partner in a way that leaves both of you satisfied, you’ll be able to understand another factor that helps relationships be successful.

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