As relationship coaches we know you can spice up your relationship by learning five key skills that root deeper and go beyond what you might think conventional couples counseling will offer.

The Davon Method:                                          Erwan Davon are relationship coaches located in the San Francisco bay area

  • Being Conscious of Relationship Patterns
  • Contacting Your Deeper Self
  • Unleashing Chemistry
  • Choreography – Dancing through the stages of a relationship
  • Cultivating your sexual potential


First, get a clear view of your relationship blueprint. This means look into what has and has not worked for you. What are repeated issues? If we are not aware of which patterns have been caused by the common denominator in our relationships (ourselves), they can be brought into the next or current relationship.


Keep going! Looking within doesn’t have to stop with noticing your relationship patterns. Connect with what lies within you. Contact that inner being, the authentic you. Discover who you are and let that real self-live outwardly. Once you know the inner you, you can then practice being present and attentive. After all, sex is a subset of communication. Connection is a huge part of communication.


The number one complaint in couple’s therapy is not having it. This is the energetic connection and attraction between one another. You don’t have to leave the person you’re with to find it or turn it back on. If you’re single, learn how to find the right chemistry.


Much like a dance, moving through the stages of a relationship will get better with learning and practice. Maybe you’re great at meeting and dating but not so good and keeping the fire lit for the long term. Maybe it’s the opposite. Learn to strengthen each area and work together.

Stages of a relationship:

  1. Dating
  2. More serious like boyfriend/girlfriend, boyfriend/boyfriend, or girlfriend/girlfriend
  3. Committed, long-term relationship (your Eternal Date)


Use all these new skills together to work towards a fulfilling and deeply satisfying connection. Get the big picture. Learn what turns you on, sex positions, what is orgasm, or even extended orgasm. Even unlearn what’s blocking you to achieve new highs and learn new skills.


The most important steps, as mentioned, are being conscious of relationship patterns and connecting with yourself. That can be done while single! Taking in your body and being sensual can be with yourself. This is for you as an individual as much as it’s for you as part of a relationship. You are deserving. As relationship coaches, we are just as attentive and welcoming to our single students.

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