40 fabulous people experienced our online course on Saturday- Extended Orgasm: learn to give & receive the ultimate pleasure. What a ride!

Erwan and I were thrilled with the reports we got from those of you that participated. Here are some of the results people got:
🎯 “I got the reminder that life can be one giant orgasm….and if you miss that in your everyday life, you’re going to miss it during sex too”
🎯 “I now have the joy of my partner knowing more about pleasuring me and being even more sensitive, slow and present”
🎯 “Learning how to feel, build and channel energy actually led to my feeling sensation in my nipples for the first time”
🎯 “I learned there is no limit to how much sensation I can feel!”
🎯 “I honored and claimed the time to learn and go slowly with my partner”
🎯 “Giving and Receiving can merge into one orgasmic experience that has nothing to do with giving or receiving, it’s a dance between two people!”

Erwan and I had a great time! It is people like you that bless our lives with the opportunity to explore and enjoy pleasure more and more deeply all the time. Thank you.